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The company Eltop is one of the most established brands with history & duration in the field of architectural materials agencies, production of worktops, the surfacing & special specification panels. For over three consecutive decades, it has dominated the choices of professionals active in the fields of catering, offices & hotels, healthcare facilities & laboratories, transportation sector (airports, shipping – marine business), educational spaces, building façades, and modern residential equipment.

Our iconic brand, inherently linked to HPL material, collaborates with global enterprises to create a range of technologically superior products that are proven resistant to adverse impacts of microbes, wear from usage, heat, and water.

We offer you reliable products, with certified services according to EN ISO 9001:2015, CE, FSC that meet every design requirement: kitchen/closet worktops and doors, melamine, decorative formica sheets & compact H.p.l by Formica®, Arpa, Egger & SM’art, WC/Cubicles & Lockers partitions, raised floors, acoustic sound absorption & sound insulation systems, ventilated building façades, natural stone veneers, light concrete biocompatible boards & honeycomp panels , antimicrobial & antibacterial laboratory surfaces, certified soundproof & fireproof doors….ELTOP’s collection of architectural decorative materials is constantly renewed.


Our company collaborates with the largest architectural, decorative & design firms, enhancing the work & power of architectural design with materials that maximize functionality and define the identity and aesthetic appeal of a space. It offers smart materials that express the modern anthropocentric & environmental architectural culture & contribute to saving money & protecting people & the environment.

Our specialized production departments, our supervising engineer & our architectural applications department are a guarantee for the design, supervision & execution of any small or large modern project.

ELTOP is since 2011 a member of the Interwood Timber Trading Group ATENE, listed on ATHEX.


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