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The vision by which ELTOP operates reveals us its mission, values & purpose of operation.

A strong corporate culture requires a strong vision, the foundation of its identity.
ELTOP orients every decision & all choices both internally (personnel & management) and externally (customers, suppliers, shareholders).


The dynamic growth of our company is based on the timeless values that have governed its operations for the past 30 years. Our people’s code of conduct & the business ethics we operate with is a key tool for shaping our corporate culture & complements the effective implementation of our policies. Our company has built a cohesive & unanimous corporate culture that promotes strategic decision making, creates corporate value, enhances its fully people-centric profile & creates powerful narratives that stand the test of time.


As a company, we invest in our people in many different ways. Recognizes the dedication & effort of employees. Recruits, trains & integrates new members into its working environment & ensures full alignment with the operating procedures of each department by appointing highly experienced project interaction coordinators. Honesty & transparency characterise all behaviour at all levels of the hierarchy. Management is constantly seeking & pursues change & innovation. It embraces flexibility & adaptability as a way of life for its people, offering its members personal & professional development, networking & true insight into the reality structure of the market. Its purpose is to be proud of what they do, to inspire each other & to communicate the common vision.


Our vision is to ensure a stable profitable & sustainable growth, to maintain our leading position in both the Greek & international market. We aim to develop new approaches to business activities in order to positively impact the size of the company & to simultaneously reduce the impact of our operation on the environmental footpoint. Also the offer of the best possible experience to our customers with continuous effort to optimize the processes and perfect the quality of the products and services produced.


In our company we are committed to quality excellence in results & the way we achieve them. We operate ethically, with integrity, always linking our business action with excellence in technological infrastructure, quality, innovative & competitive materials & significant partnerships. We demonstrate environmental & social responsibility. We know how to create value for our customers, our employees, our shareholders & for society as a whole. We demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. We know how to create value for our customers, employees, shareholders, and for society as a whole. We seek a consistently open communication with local communities & actively support their needs.


Our company applies a quality assurance system with certified services according to EN ISO 9001:2015, CE, FSC, while the total quality policy is more of a dogma than just a slogan for the company and its employees. Our mission is to closely monitor the needs of the market & develop actions & synergies in order to continue to successfully respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

For over 3 decades we have been operating with a stable & responsible commercial policy, implementing a clear strategy focused on extroversion, showing productive flexibility & continuous quality upgrading, building long-term trusting relationships with our customers & suppliers.