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At ELTOP, sustainable development is a key pillar of its business strategy.

We perceive sustainable development as a necessity for responsibility but also as a business opportunity aimed at shaping a better future for people and the environment.
Our company applies a corporate responsibility program that is at the heart of the planning of every business action. A programme which includes a series of targeted actions that reflect its principles & guide its business activities. We prioritize employees, interaction with the local community, the market & the environment.


Environment | Environmental sensitivity

Our company focuses on realizing opportunities that minimize the environmental impact of our operations & the production process of our products.

  • Waste management includes recycling procedures (separation of metals, wood, and paper).
  • Selection of primary materials from recycled materials (chipboard, laminate etc.)
  • Optimising the supply chain with a focus on the environmental footprint.
  • Selection of suppliers that follow green certifications such as ISO 14000, FSC and PEFC.
  • Selection of hybrid plug in vehicles for our executives.
  • Following all policies aimed at reducing energy consumption in our facilities.

Working Environment | Facilities

ELTOP invests in its people in many different ways.

  • It recruits, trains excellently & carefully integrates each new member into its working environment. It ensures that the new members of each team are fully aligned with the operating procedures of the department & has appointed highly experienced project interaction coordinators for this purpose.
  • It gives priority to the health and safety of its employees by faithfully following all risk reduction policies in the working environment.
  • It preserves every value that our company considers important (ethics, reliability, transparency, consistency, professionalism).
  • It fosters a culture of customer-centricity.
  • It promotes equality between workers.
  • Promotes cooperation in an excellent working environment.
  • It promotes respect for diversity & the development of work initiative.
  • It creates new jobs with a long-term employment plan as the first choice for the professional careers of its people.

Marketplace | Responsible management for innovation with awareness

The durability of our materials represents the starting point of our sustainability strategy. We are committed to offer our customers high quality products with high mechanical strength (resistance to heat, impact, etching, moisture, discoloration) intended for many years of use. The longer the life of a product, the longer the period of time to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the production of raw materials & the manufacturing process. By implying fewer replacements, long-life products imply less resource use, lower emissions & less waste than short-life products. At the same time, we launch every action that supports customers & suppliers in realizing their sustainability challenges.

Society | Relationships with the local community

Our company’s interaction with the local community is of major importance.
The company carries out a high level of recruitment of people from the wider areas of its facilities. The same criterion is used to select its partners.

It also very often provides practical support & offers assistance to vulnerable social groups & citizens of the local community. The following program includes a series of targeted actions to local organizations such as associations, kindergartens, schools, public health clinics etc. with donations of materials to cover their needs.


Group | ELTOP

The search for initiatives to support & promote long-term sustainability beyond the immediate scope of our company’s current operations coexists & is permanent for the entire Group of Interwood Xylemporia ATENE listed on ATHEX. ELTOP Trokoudes Bross ABEE has been a member of the group since 2011.