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Establishment of ELTOP as a model surfacing unit with activity in the production of worktops, H.p.l. paneling with special requirements cores & kitchen cupboard doors.
The first headquarters of the company was in Metamorfosi, Attica. From the very beginning, its business activity has been associated with excellence in technological infrastructure, quality raw materials, qualified human resources & great partnerships.
The name ELTOP is closely associated with High Pressure Laminate, including products from Formica® (the inventor of the material 100 years ago) & Arpa Industriale.


The company creates a new special department addressed to architectural, decorative & design offices, the project & specifications department. The team aimed at the architectural community has its own production unit, a qualified architectes & service with its own supervising engineer.
For this purpose, it has established agreements for official representation and exclusive distribution of a range of architectural decorative materials of famous international brands, creating its own portfolio of unique products.


In mid-2003, ELTOP moves its activities to new premises of a total of 7,000m2 of covered space in Mandra, Attica, in order to better organize its business activities and to make investments that will modernize its processes.
The new facilities had the necessary infrastructure for the realization of the growth & all the investments that were implemented in the coming years. Investments in 2002-2005 exceeded 2 million euro. euros & formed the basis for ELTOP to become the largest specialized Greek company that does surfacing & produces postforming products covering all the specific needs of a market characterized by the existence of non-standard dimensions & many special projects.
The company adopted a ‘Total Quality’ policy, which became more of a doctrine than just a slogan for the company and its employees. Moved to high levels of computerization & warehouse tracking systems.


Sensing the future change in the course of the Greek market & after studying the alternative opportunities, the company proceeded to increase exports worldwide & to establish a subsidiary in Serbia under the name ELTOP doo


The company officially announces its integration into the Group of Interwood Timber Trading ATENNE, listed on ATHEX, the largest timber importing company in Greece, with which a strong synergy and alignment of values became evident. The result was a very strong group, able to respond with consistency and dynamism to the economic instability of the time.

At the beginning of the following year, ELTOP’s production unit was moved to the Group’s privately owned premises in Elefsina, covering an area of 50 acres, in order to activate the synergy plan between the Group’s companies & to realize a series of developmental business investments that perfectly express the triptych of its philosophy: innovation, dynamism, partnerships & strong human relations.
ELTOP employs 60 specialized workers, handles an average of 100,000 orders per year, and has an average delivery time of 7 business days. By targeting distinct and important market segments, it always explores opportunities for further investment and growth. Its commercial network has loyal & long term commercial agreements with an average of 500 active customers – ambassadors of good cooperation.


In 2013, closely following the technological developments and market trends, ELTOP planned (for the first time in Greece) the investment in the production of the innovative TopSquare counter top with straight profile and PU. The investment was completed within the first quarter of 2014 & in the following years it became an international interior trend.


The company adds new production lines for cutting & specialized processing of solid H.P.L. CompacTop countertops in 10 & 12mm for which it creates a large stock.
At the same time, it creates a new specialized department that is active in the design, construction and installation of building façades.


In continuation of its development course, it proceeds to the construction of a design, construction & organization of a workshop for Cubicles, Lockers & benches.


ELTOP is proceeding with the implementation of a production line for three more innovative products of raised flooring (for the first time of Greek manufacture), El Bath wet renovation panels & Aluminum Honeycomb interior & exterior blind systems. At the same time, it completes the optimization processes of its operation with certified services according to EN ISO 9001:2015, CE, FSC, certifying Total Quality Policy.


Today, after more than 3 decades of continuous specializations & adaptations, investments in computer & technological equipment, innovative international agencies & a large portfolio of projects, our company has established itself in the market as a reliable partner & trend setter.